Campanha de Posicionamento
Institutional campaign that works on the new communication positioning “What you learn becomes you”, which highlights the beauty that exists in the construction of a person's character, values ​​and knowledge. The new communication is focused on the Brasília market, where, in addition to the college, it has a presence in the undergraduate, graduate and EaD market.
Ficha Técnica
Client: Mackenzie
Ad Campaing Name: Aprender
Studio: Digital Group
Attendance: Gizele Dias e Bianca Estrella
BI, media e planning: Tatiana Lobão, Pedro Carvalho, Paula Teixeira, Bruna Alencar e Victor Eiras
Media: Nadine Lobo e Pedro Costa
Creatives: Saulo Angelo, Filipe Gomes, Magdy Selmy, Hugo Michels
Final Art: Valdemar Silva
TI: André Del Bianco
Approval: Walter Ribeiro, Domingos Spezia, Solange Foizer, Daniel Grandolfo, Erick Cardeal, Luciana Furtado e Rafael Querrer.
Film Production: Piccolo Filmes
Scene Director: Renato Cabral
Photography Director: Bruno Zotto
Audio Production: Carbono Sound Lab

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