This is a work in progress project.
I was signed up to create the visual identity and website for a social project called Mi.R.A.H. (Misoginia, Racismo, Assédio, Homofobia) which in Portuguese is an acronym for Misogyny, Racism, Harassment and Homophobia. Also Mi.R.A.H. has a similarity to the verb "Mirar" in Portuguese, which means aim or target.​​​​​​​
The purpose of the project was to bring visibility for real life stories of people who have felt the pain of discrimination.
The solution came from an ideia of sonar waves. Waves that detect the presence of objects that aren't visible, creating a co-relation to acts of discrimination, as sometimes they aren't visible at first sight. Reinforcing that discrimination is under surveillance.
We made a research to gather information about discrimination and also stories. After that, the process of ideation resulted in a content hub for the solution and guided by the information gathered from the research we created three macro areas for the site:
• Na pele (In the skin);
• De onde eu venho (Where I came from);
• Aos dados (Data).
For the strategy, to create an awareness, we decided mixing a real life story with a real news about the same type of discrimination, to show that the same story is still happening to another person.
The Logo
Mi.R.A.H. Content Hub

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