Your life stories are reflected in your body. Taking an image exam is a way of reading and understanding what you have experienced. With this in mind we created the campaign "Your body has stories to tell" to announce that Sabin has imaging exams now.​​​​​​​
Client: Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica
Ad Campaing: Colagens
Studio: Digital Group
Attendance: Gizele Dias, Mariana Lima
Planning, BI e media: Tatiana Lobão, Lucas Mansour, Pedro Carvalho, Leylanne Alencar, Marina Vitalino.
Creatives: Saulo Angelo, Filipe Gomes, Magdy Selmy, Hugo Michels, Philippe Ribeiro.
Development: André Del Bianco.
Photoshop: Marcus Valls.
Final Art: Valdemar Silva
Audio Production: Carbono Sound Lab.
Approval: Leonardo Alves e Ana Paula Beurma.

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